Between the residencies, colorful acrobats, and comedians who seem to all be contractually obligated to make jokes about buffets, there are tons of shows to see in Las Vegas. There are also so many restaurants in each hotel – and in Vegas as a whole – that it’s difficult to pick the right one. When you want to find somewhere that’s convenient to the theater, serves good food, and will match whatever the mood is for the night, we have you covered. Here are our favorite restaurants near some of the top hotels and venues in Vegas to hit before spending a few hours staring at a stage and wondering if it’s time for glasses.

Mon Ami Gabi

It’s your anniversary, and your significant other surprised you with tickets to that Reba residency you’ve been not-so-subtly checking the price of daily. To say thank you, you’re handling the dinner reservation. Make one for the outdoor patio at Mon Ami Gabi, where you’ll have a perfect view of the Bellagio Fountains. The prix-fixe option at this French bistro helps cut down on decisions and tends to be a bit faster before a show, and reservations are never hard to come by, even if it’s day-of and you forgot all about your generous offer.