Milkshakes were actually invented in Chicago in the early 1900s from an unlikely source. The drugstore giant Walgreens at one point had soda fountain counters at their stores, and much of the chain’s popularity came from its chocolate malted milkshakes, something they invented in 1922.

But Chicagoans didn’t rest on the laurels. They knew milkshakes could be improved by adding alcohol. These fountain creations aren’t crass, as flavor profiles are carefully considered. Years ago boozy milkshakes were a novelty. Interested customers in the know had to ask their server, because the drinks didn’t appear on menus. But things have changed. The boozy milkshake is no longer an afterthought, but a main attraction. Several of these following restaurants have menu sections entirely devoted to them.

Check out this updated list of where to find spiked milkshakes. Ice cream for the kid inside of you and a shot of alcohol for the adult that needs to relax. The list is presented alphabetically.

3 Bub City (Rosemont)

For $10 each, Bub City can amp up any of their eight milkshakes. They recommend dark rum or bourbon in flavors including cookies n’ cream (cream cheese frosting, Oreos rim), cold-brew coffee (caramel, chocolate-covered espresso beans rim) and salted caramel (caramel, pretzels and chocolate rim). Note, these shakes are only available at the suburban location, not in River North.
5441 Park Pl
Rosemont, IL 60018
(847) 261-0399

10 RJ Grunts

The original LEYE restaurant’s hand-dipped milkshakes become “big kid shakes” if you ask. Think “orange dreamsicle,” chocolate with Bailey’s, and any inventive combination you can create.
2056 N Lincoln Park W
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 929-5363