These foodie splurges are well worth the investment, especially if you just got a fat tax refund

Tax day has come and gone, and we’ve all survived! Hooray! If you’re one of the lucky ones, you didn’t just survive…you maybe even made a little money in the form of a tax refund. If you did, there are a few ways you can spend it to treat yourself, but none of them will be more delicious than these Chicago eats. Here are some truly indulgent cocktails and bites across the city. They’re the perfect way to spend your refund…

RPM Steak

The Millionaire’s Potato from RPM Steak {66 West Kinzie Street, Chicago; 312.284.4990}

Any steakhouse in the city can be a fun treat, but don’t stop at the steak itself for your indulgence! RPM’s “Millionaire’s Potato” is a giant (and we mean GIANT) double baked potato, topped with luscious fontina cheese and decadent shaved black truffles. Some people share it, but we think you can handle it all by yourself! You deserve it.