Here’s what’s happening in the city this month.

Post-campaign cocktails

The November election means a lot of things to a lot of people, but one thing we can generally agree on is that we’ll need a drink. Luckily, a bevy of bars will unveil their new cocktail menus in time to help take the edge off. At Billy Sunday, the Professor Plum is a chest-warming mix of roasted plum, ruby Port, Cognac, and 1970s-era amaro, while the aromatic, fig wood-smoked Papa Don’t Peach arrives tableside in a custom-made matryoshka doll. The drink itself is a dangerously sippable blend of smoked peaches, whiskey, and egg white. For something a little more classic, head to Booth One, which occupies the legendary former Pump Room space. Taking cues from the restaurant’s past life as a Chicago hotspot, Booth One’s bartenders have curated a time-traveling list of cocktails that includes ‘30s-style flips, ‘40s tiki, ‘60s martinis, and more.