Most Chicagoans will tell you that we deal with temperatures colder than Antarctica because of the incomparable euphoria the sweet summer season thrusts upon locals and visitors alike. These three hot months bless us with Playpen boat hopping, festival frequenting and rooftop cocktailing. So, throw on a pair of those Louis Vuitton x Virgil Abloh shades you copped at the neon orange pop-up on Randolph, and throw back a tasty drink. Oh, where to find the perfect summer refreshment? Glad you asked. Find our haute guide here:

Vintage Cocktails at RPM Steak

Because of the difficulty and rarity in sourcing decades-old spirits like 1970s Campari and Beefeater Gin, RPM Steak is one of just three restaurants offering such an exclusive selection. The Perfect Martini surpasses any standards—not shaken or stirred as to not take anything away from the high-quality of the spirit itself. Near 50-year old gin is frozen for two days before being poured tableside and fulfilling our drinking desires. The lovechild of a Manhattan and Negroni, the Boulevardier is a thirst-quenching concoction of vintage Campari, bourbon, and vermouth that goes down almost too easily. And, of course, the Negroni. The matured Campari is poured through a cylindrical orange peel, readying us for a butter-smooth texture as the superior spirit does the rest of the work.