Whether breakfast is the most-important meal of the day is debatable—but the weekday morning meal is almost certainly the most underrated. While not as attention-grabbing as brunch or dinner, Chicago is home to a plethora of restaurants that give that first meal of the day the attention it deserves. Whether old-school, modern, fancy or quick, the following 25 restaurants that serve weekday breakfast are 25 that should not be missed. Do yourself a favor don’t skip breakfast anymore — weekday morning dishes at these restaurants are not to be missed.

For the fall 2016 update, five new spots have been added to the map: The Bakery at Fat Rice and those Chicago-style hot dog buns and more, Revival Food Hall in the Loop, cured-fish specialist Snaggletooth, Humboldt Park all-day destination Cafe Marie-Jeanne, and Mortar & Pestle over in East Lakeview. Listed in alphabetical order.

3 Beatrix

Lettuce Entertain You’s all-day restaurant, bar, coffee shop and bakery in River North and Streeterville is a good choice anytime, but breakfast is where it stands tall in both neighborhoods. Unique options abound that make it worth a trip, such as a standout version of the Israeli dish Shakshouka (poached egg, greens and feta in tomato sauce with naan) or one of the few Chicago restaurants serving bulletproof coffee (a jump-starting blend of coffee, butter and “brain octane oil”). Excellent grab-and-go options as well.