We nominated dozens of the city’s best restaurants, bars and chefs. You picked 10 victors. Here are your Readers’ Choice winners for 2014.
Best New Bar
Three Dots and a Dash

It wasn’t until Three Dots and a Dash opened last summer that we realized how much we needed a tiki bar in Chicago. The drinks, by bartender Paul McGee, are transportive—boozy and beautiful, they’re served in tiki mugs (many custom-made for Three Dots) with flower garnishes—and delicious. The island snacks, like spicy nuggets of Thai fried chicken, and the lush décor, all add up to the best new addition to Chicago’s drinking scene.

Best New Restaurant Design
Three Dots and a Dash

This winter, we all wanted to leave Chicago (temporarily), and Three Dots provided that escape. First, head down a River North alley until you find the blue light. Then, walk down a staircase lined with skulls before entering the main room, which has a raffia-lined bar, glowing colored lights, round booths and wooden tiki heads, which were sourced from the late Trader Vic’s, an erstwhile Loop tiki bar. The ambiance couldn’t be better for sipping Paul McGee’s terrific drinks, and it’s where we’ll go when we need relief from Chicago winter’s brutal cousin, stifling humidity.