Sunday night is both the best and worst night of the week. Best because nobody is bothering you to go out drinking and you feel good knowing it’s acceptable to sit in your apartment all night. Worst because you’re already terrified thinking about that new project you put off for Monday morning. And if you’re still nursing a hangover? Good luck.

But none of that is any excuse to not have an excellent meal to cap off your weekend. And the good news is you can stay home in the comforts of your apartment. Here are our go-to spots for Sunday night delivery, all available on Caviar.

River North 

Look outside: there’s a 99% chance it’s cold and gross and you never want to go out there again. Besides, it’s the weekend, and you earned the right to become one with your favorite groutfit reserved for watching Sunday night TV. So get ramen delivered from Ramen-San. The ingredients will come in separate containers that you can then all mix together like your own Build-A-Bear project, which is great because nothing sits and gets soggy in the broth while it’s brought to your door. Add some gyoza to the side of the tonkotsu ramen you’re about to order and that’s a Sunday done right.