From elaborate garnishes to downright expensive drinks, here are the most lavish cocktails you’ll find in Chicago

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We scoured Chicago bars for the most ridiculously over-the-top cocktails we could find, and boy, did we come up with some winners. Whether you’re looking for truly fantastical tiki garnisheslarge-format showstoppers to share with friends or cocktails that will break the bank, Chicago’s best bars have a drink for you. Prepare your Instagram account for an onslaught of beautiful beverages.

Treasure Chest at Three Dots and a Dash

When you really want to ball out, head straight to Three Dots and a Dash and order the Treasure Chest. It’s a mixture of rare rums, pineapple, guava, passionfruit and lemon packed inside a treasure chest that’s oozing with dry ice, which creates a foggy effect. To top it off, the large-format cocktail is served with a bottle of Dom Perignon. The whole thing rings up at $385, but it serves six to eight, which means it’s only $50-ish per person. Doable, right?