It’s hard to choose just where you’ll be geotagging that night in a city that’s so densely populated with thriving hotspots, especially when a new one seems to be opening nightly. Chicago’s bar scene is, in a word, epic. We’re blessed with creative mixologists that lean more artist than bartender, who grace us with unique techniques that make our taste buds sing. Let’s hold our glasses high and cheers to the places we’d still be frequenting even if Instagram wasn’t a thing—and yes, that’s saying a lot.

Bamboo Room

Located inside of Three Dots and a Dash, this brand new 22-seat space offers up an upscale, tiki bar experience. The island vibes immediately set the tone upon entry, and when combined with a pineapple daiquiri aperitif, you’ve found your beach in the middle of a Chicago winter. The bar features a menu that harmoniously mixes classic tiki cocktails with a contemporary flair. Rum is the name of Bamboo Room’s game, utilizing ultra high-end, rare spirits from the exotic isles of St. Lucia, Martinique, and Jamaica. A personal favorite—the rum-enhanced coffee for two. Imagine if every morning could start like that.

435 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60654