2016 brought us a gazillion great new restaurants (and the discovery of poké—thank God), which means that even though the year is coming to end, we have a lot of work to do. And by “work” we mean “food,” and by “do” we mean “eat.” The point is: We’re hungry. So here are our 20 favorite new restaurants from this year. May your 2017 calendar be filled with reservations.

Ema Chicago

C.J. Jacobson, a former Top Chef, is bringing Cali vibes to River North. We’re talking kabobs, small plates and hummus that puts that tub of Trader Joe’s to shame.

Oyster Bah

You’ll find oysters, stuffed clams and a dish called “Wicked Calamari.” Attire: Red Sox cap preferred.

Naoki Sushi

On the menu: nigiri, sashimi, Japanese main plates and a list of cocktails labeled as “sushi friendly.”