Experiencing a frustrating ebb and flow of popularity since its heyday in the 1930s, tiki cocktail craft is finally flourishing once again. The fresh juices, historic recipes and laidback tropical aura are all being spread thanks to a new generation of bars around the country.

With that tiki resurgence comes fresh ideas. The classic cocktails remain sacred, but who can resist the allure of a pirate’s treasure chest brimming with rum or a flaming volcano bearing a bubbling punch? Answer the call of the tiki gods and escape into a paradise of oversized straws, ample dry ice and cinnamon-fueled flames with the country’s most show-stopping tiki drinks.

5. Treasure Chest No. 3 at Three Dots and a Dash, Chicago

Any number of Three Dots and a Dash’s signature drinks inspire tiki rapture, but it’s hard to top a literal treasure chest of booze. Adorned with tropical flowers, gold coins and grinning skull sidekicks, the chest requires a motley crew of barkeeps to roll out. What waits beneath the shroud of dry ice fog spewing from its mouth? A blend of rum, strawberry, passion fruit, vanilla and lemon juice, finished with a full bottle of Dom Perignon. The sea-worthy chest serves six to eight people—who will need to slurp it up through extra-long straws—and will set you back a cool $385.