Our guide to the 23 quintessential restaurants that make Chicago dining what it is.

Welcome to The Infatuation’s Chicago Greatest Hits List.

Obviously you’re familiar with the concept of a “greatest hits” album, but to be clear, this is not just a list of our highest-rated spots. This guide is a carefully-selected collection of the places we think every Chicagoan should try at least once – and the restaurants you should prioritize if you’re new to town.

Just like you wouldn’t introduce someone to The Eagles without starting with “Hotel California,” or to The Steve Miller band by playing them that one song they didn’t put on a greatest hits album, we wouldn’t send someone to a new Chicago hotspot without sending them to one of these restaurants first. You shouldn’t either.

If you are looking for what’s new, check out our Hit List, a guide to the brand new, recently-opened restaurants worth your time.


RPM Italian

RPM Italian is a quintessential River North restaurant, and basically the kind of place that you can only find in Chicago. First of all, it’s owned by E! Reality stars. Secondly, it has trendy music, big booths that can fit eight of your closest friends, and a space so large it will remind you that our city blocks are about three times the length of New York’s. Most importantly, though, the Italian food is delicious.