What to order when there’s no way you’re going outside.

Maybe the thought of putting on 26 layers of clothing to go outside is overwhelming. Or maybe your car is buried under six feet of snow, and you’ve run out of random household objects to save the spot you just spent hours digging out. Whatever the reason, you’re not going anywhere, but you’re also getting hungry. And while nowadays you can get pretty much anything you want delivered, that doesn’t mean you should. Introducing the Chicago Delivery Greatest Hits – our 20 all-time favorite places for delivery across the city. These places all deliver fantastic food that may actually be even better when you’re eating it on your couch. And if the reason you’re getting delivery is because it’s a blizzard, please tip well.

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RPM Steak

If you remember that scene from Home Alone 2 where Kevin orders room service, you’ll appreciate why having RPM delivered is a great idea. Because nothing says “I do what I want” like getting an entire over-the-top upscale steakhouse meal delivered to your house. This is also a good opportunity to wear a suit while eating at your Ikea coffee table.

RPM Italian

RPM Italian does everything RPM Steak does, including great delivery. And luckily, your Ikea furniture also goes really well with pasta. Order the cavatelli, plus the shaved brussels sprout salad to round it out. Then turn on E! and pretend that the Rancics (who own both RPM spots) are actually in your house.


If you’ve ever opened up a delivery bag to find that everything is smashed and/or leaking, you know that packaging really matters. And that’s especially true when it comes to ramen. Ramen-san might not have the absolute best ramen in Chicago, but the noodle soups here are perfectly satisfying, and this place is really, really good at delivery. Everything is carefully packed separately, so you can put it all together yourself when it arrives.