The best new bars in Chicago.

To help you figure out which new restaurants are worth going to, we created The Hit List, our guide to recently opened spots that we actually enjoy. We check out all of these places ourselves – even if a place is being hyped up everywhere, it’s not going to make our cut unless it delivers.

Now, we’re doing the same thing for bars. Chicago has a long, storied drinking history, and we’re happy to contribute our research to the annals. Darts were thrown, billiards were played, and more than a few cocktails were spilled. Occasionally a shot of Malort was taken. After all that, we present our list of the best new bars in Chicago.


The Bamboo Room

Three Dots And A Dash in River North can be pretty fun, but more often than not it feels like a tiki drink come to life: busy, loud, and way too much. The Bamboo Room, the new secluded bar inside Three Dots, solves that problem. Compared to the bustle of the main bar, it’s like you’ve got your own personal island cabana where you can sip drinks poured over shaved pineapple ice. The crowd is small and mellow, so your bartender will have enough time and energy to answer any questions you might have about vintage rums and Trader Vic (who, yes, was a real guy, but sadly has no relation to Trader Joe).