Want to know where to find the best restaurants in Chicago now? At these nine new spots, risk-taking chefs are following their passions no matter how outlandish (think: a real chocolate factory, a bar that serves bottled cocktails, and a high-end eatery that changes chefs every single month).


Set in the middle of the beloved Intro Kitchen restaurant (where a new chef is tried out every month), Naoki manages to turn out traditional sushi in an imaginative fashion every night. A whiz with a knife, chef Naoki Nakashima can slice hamachi and scallops so thin, they’re like paper. No matter that you have to walk through the kitchen to enter this temple of just-caught fresh fish; the casual ambience in Lincoln Park’s rather stuffy Belden-Stratford puts the focus strictly on what’s on your plate—from the ahi tuna tacos to the miso-glazed sea bass. Wasabi is grated before your eyes, as well, natch.