Forget about the microwavable mush & slurp down savory tonkatsu broth & crispy pork belly at these top ramen restaurants

Over the last decade, the best ramen in Chicago has graduated from dorm-room microwaves to the best restaurants in Chicago. Upgrades include hand-pulled noodles, slabs of tender pork belly, molten eggs, mouth-tingling chiles and deeply savory broth. There are quick, soul-soothing bowls that classify as some of the finest cheap eats Chicago has to offer as well as upscale Japanese masterpieces that are crafted by decorated chefs. No matter the season, the best ramen in Chicago is one of the most satisfying dishes to consume. Grab a spoon and chopsticks and prepare to slurp your way through the best ramen in Chicago.


River North

If you like your ramen with a side of hip-hop, belly up at one of Ramen-San’s three locations for a bowl and a beer. You’ll be bopping your head to Notorious B.I.G. while slurping noodles in no time. The Tokyo-style wavy noodles are spruced up with unconventional ingredients like fried chicken, ground pork and buttered corn. Vegetarians dig the Imperial Shio Ramen with a veg-based broth, molten egg, tofu chunks and nori.