There are plenty of gut-filling afterhours options in The City of Big Shoulders. This is part of a series of late-night city guides supported by The Sexton Irish Whiskey and inspired by the The Sexton Midnight Club, an intimate event series for chefs who want to eat and drink well after a late-night shift.

There are people who claim you shouldn’t eat right before bed. With all due respect, these people are wrong. As far as after-hours decisions go, doubling down on fat and carbs before heading home is, quite frankly, one of the tamest decisions you could make. And bonus: if you’ve been drinking, they might even help you feel better the next morning. Given that, your midnight snack is practically a matter of national health and safety. And though Chicago isn’t open all hours the way New York or LA is, you can still find many late-night, gut-filling options in The City of Big Shoulders.

59 W Hubbard St #2, Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 377-9950

Ramen-San is aimed squarely at fans of hot broth and cold beer. However, they’re happy to split the difference between traditionalists (tonkotsu ramen), and those looking for a twist on the theme, with possible ramen add-ins like fried chicken and buttered corn. Stick to their River North and Fulton Market locations for late-night eats.