A Los Angeles cliche: everyone eats healthily. And while this stereotype might ring true, who cares! Healthy snacking is something to be proud of. It is no surprise that some of the most innovative and delicious new health food brands are born out of LA. Of course, in part, this is due to the wellness focus of the city. But California has always been a pioneering state so it makes sense that Angelenos are putting their enterprising brains to work on making healthy, clean food absolutely delicious, (and really pretty, too)! Here are some of the best and brightest in LA-based snack foods.

Split Nutrition

Launched in 2018, Split is the first-of-its-kind, side-by-side PB&J pack made with the best plant-based, simple, non-GMO ingredients for pure energy. Combining the amazing flavors of nut butter (peanut or almond) and fresh jam, the complete on-the-go food provides a quick meal of balanced proteins and carbohydrates for pre- or post-workout, travel, work, or school. From LA-based award-winning chef (Stella Barra and M Street Kitchen) and cycling enthusiast Jeff Mahin, restaurateur Christopher Meers, and elite performance nutritionist Dr. Philip Goglia, Split is made with only four to six ingredients and empowers everyone to honor the craving for something sweet and rich while making the most of their food.