Given the warm temperatures Chicago has faced lately, staying cool has become paramount to surviving the season. From a Dippin’ Dots-esque whiskey cocktail to frozen yogurt that goes beyond the usual suspects, here are five satisfying—and wholly cool—ways to beat the heat this summer.

Frozen Greek Yogurt at Ema

Traditionally used in sauces or as a breakfast staple, tart, protein-rich Greek yogurt receives a refreshing, dessert-y makeover at this Mediterranean-inspired hotspot in River North. To complement the frozen yogurt—and keep your taste buds guessing—chef CJ Jacobson drizzles fruity California olive oil and sprinkles flaked sea salt on top. 74 W. Illinois St., 312-527-5586

Paletas at Tallboy Taco


Fresh, fruity, and oh-so-refreshing, nothing satisfies quite like a popsicle in the summer heat. The frozen flavors at this taco joint change based on the seasonality of ingredients, but often include raspberry, chia limon, mango, and blood orange. 325 W. Huron St., 312-488-4917