I like to think that I’m in a relationship with avocado toast. I always have three avocados in my fridge—not to mention—I eat it every single day. No, really. I’m so obsessed with avocado toast that I’ve created an entire Instagram dedicated to it.

I know what you’re thinking – another article on avocado toast?Yes, this fad has now become extremely basic, and your Instagram feed is probably crawling with photos of guacamole on pieces of bread. But hey, it’s basic for a reason: it’s really freaking good.

So, for all of you fad-followers out there, I’ve compiled a list of the best avocado toast in every single state. And that includes theDistrict of Columbia. You’re welcome.

Maryland: Summer House Santa Monica in Bethesda

Personal favorite right here – Summer House Santa Monica gives off some serious beachy vibes, so not only will you fall in love with your avocado toast, but you’ll fall in love with the atmosphere. Oh, and get the cookies. You won’t be sorry.