If you’re going to spend a bundle on dinner, these meals are worth every penny.

Omakase, which loosely translates to, “I will leave it up to you,” is an elaborate multi-course meal that many consider the ultimate Japanese dining experience. Choosing omakase means you entrust the chef to create a selection of dishes designed specifically to suit your individual palate. Add in the freshest fish, often flown in from Japan, and it’s little surprise that omakase can be one of the most expensive ways to eat out. It can also be incredibly time-consuming with meals often stretching well past the two-hour mark.

If you’re going to invest that much time and money in a single meal, you can’t just go to any old sushi bar. These nine spots stand apart from the rest, offering exceptional interpretations of the Japanese take on the tasting menu.

7.  Omakase Dinners at Ramen-San, Chicago

The mystery inherent in omakase is taken to new heights at Ramen-San, a Japanese noodle spot in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. Each month, the restaurant hosts a one-time only omakase dinner, and reveals very few details in advance. Past events have focused on specific ingredients—crab, for example—while others have been collaborations with area chefs and restaurants, such as the dinner they created with The Budlong, a local spot that makes Nashville-style hot chicken. Seating is limited—this is another ticket-only situation—but once you snag a seat, the rest is up to the chef. Ramen-San offers one of the least traditional takes on omakase; it’s also one of the most affordable. ($45 to $125)