A look at the most absurd creations around town, from caviar to breaded steak to “Roman-style” grinders

As sweater weather approaches, we tend to turn toward some truly indulgent eats. And what easier way to indulge than in sandwich form?

We’re talking piled-high meats, “loaded” toppings and the sturdiest of buns to hold it all together. From fried chicken on donuts to a new caviar-studded sando, here are eight of Chicago’s most decadent sandwiches. Eater beware: You might want to consult with your doctor before embarking on this bucket list.

M Burger
(Lindsay Widdel)

M Burger: “Roman Style” Burger

The secret’s out: you can order any sandwich at M Burger “Roman Style” off their secret menu. What’s “Roman Style”? It’s when you swap in two grilled cheese sandwiches for a standard bun, because three sandwiches are better than one. We recommend the Hurt Burger Roman Style, topped with BBQ mayo, pickles, onions and raw jalapeños.

5 W Ontario St, Chicago, IL 60654