Brunch in Chicago is serious business with hearty dishes, fresh pastries and boozy beverages

The best brunches in Chicago are two things: a chance to replenish and a mandatory social experience. Whether you’re catching up over short stacks or battling a nasty hangover with more booze, the beloved morning meal has something for everyone. Chicago’s top restaurants pull double duty to offer decadent morning dishes that are sure to perk you up—no matter what time you roll out of bed. Looking for bottomless mimosas and Bloody Marys? Check. A good mix of savory and sweet options? Check, check. Instagram-worthy surroundings? Got it. We rounded up our favorite brunch options—the ones we return to weekend after weekend for excellent service and restorative bites. If you’re looking for the best brunch in Chicago, check out these go-to spots.


Brunching doesn’t have to derail your commitment to healthy eating—Beatrix offers dishes that are flavorful but light. Quinoa cakes with poached eggs come with a fresh tomato-basil sauce, 10-grain oatmeal gets a boost from dried cherries, and a menu of fresh-squeezed juices includes energizing power greens like kale, plus add-ins like pineapple and mint. After such a virtuous meal, reward yourself with a stop at the cookie bar for a perfectly sinful chocolate chip treat.