Feast your eyes on these cheesy, sweet and over-the-top dishes that are tasty to both savor and share.

Summer House’s Rice Krispy Chocolate Chip Cookies

A dessert mashup always makes a great pic (hello, Cronut) but Summer House’s combination is particularly epic. All of the giant cookies at the bakery front of this California-inspired restaurant are delicious, but it’s the Rice Krispies treat-chocolate chip cookie that’s the most-desired. A giant chocolate chip cookie is topped with big chunks of marshmallowy goodness.

Three Dots and a Dash’s Treasure Chest

Just about every drink at this tiki bar is camera ready, but when there is a drink that can serve six to eight people out of a treasure chest, it’s the one that is the snapped the most. This over-the-top concoction is for the big spender at $385, but it’s filled with the riches of rare rums, and tropical flavors of guava, pineapple and passion fruit. Oh, and if that isn’t enough, a bottle of Dom Perignon is poured on top, tableside. Dry ice is added underneath for the pirate effect and plenty of beautiful flowers and island-inspired accouterments are strewn around the box. This photo and drink are bound to produce good stories.

Sushi-San’s Emochi

This emoji-mochi mash-up combines adorable faces with rice paper wrapped ice cream in rotating flavors like mango Thai basil, white chocolate strawberry, sesame and passion fruit. There are a few other worthy photos at the hip sushi bar, like cocktails in Chinese takeout boxes.