Austin is a city absolutely packed with dining out options. Just Google all the choices in a given area, and the number of results is bound to lead you into a hunger-based anxiety spiral. Don’t worry though—we wouldn’t be the live music city without being able to put together a killer list of greatest hits, just, in this case, it involves soup dumplings and pizza instead of guitar solos. Check out the options below, and never be burdened by the malaise of “where should we eat” again. 


Crispy short rib hummus at Aba

South Congress
Chicago-based restaurant Aba may have only recently opened their spot in Austin, but their bold, seasoned take on Mediterranean flavors has already delivered. We mean this literally—their food creates such an intoxicating smell, it draws people off the sidewalks of South Congress, and into their doors. Their Crispy Short Rib Hummus combines the ingredients of everyone’s go-to mezze with a Texas twist—the meat, soaked in sherry and beef jus and topped with grilled onions, stays distinctive in texture, while also melding with the creamy chickpeas. Save yourself the trouble, and ask immediately for extra pita to scoop it all up with. You won’t want to leave any morsel behind.
How to order : Both indoor and outdoor seating is open for dine-in, and reservations are suggested. To-go food not currently available, but they plan to implement this in the first week of November.