Where we can’t wait to eat this year.

We’ve just finished off a decade that saw huge transformations in what we ate and how we ate it. As we kick off the 2020s, we see a rich and varied collection of restaurants readying to open across America. The dawning of the decade will see Michelin three-star chefs expand their empires, the duo behind James Beard Award-winning Frenchette take over an 82-year-old restaurant, a popular Chicago chef see if she can make it work in the City of Angels, some husband-wife teams will return to their hometown and more. Here are the restaurants we’re most excited to see open this year.

Ambria, Chicago

Combining like some sort of Chicago culinary Voltron, two of the city’s preeminent restaurant companies—Alinea Group and Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises—are joining forces to reopen a French restaurant that closed back in 2007. Ambria operated for 27 years in the Belden-Stratford Building, and this new incarnation promises modernized versions of French classics.