This was a hard year to be a serious drinker.

Oh, it wasn’t hard to drink. It was just sometimes a little hard to do more than pop open a hard seltzer or pour a whiskey on the rocks and begin angrily muttering to ourselves. (We did all of that. A lot).

But sometimes we found real inspiration. Home bar hobbyists suddenly had time to invest in their passion. And some of us found solace and comfort in Zoom-led tastings, boozy kits from local watering holes and even diving into long moth-balled cocktail books to find strange and wonderful recipes.

And for the people in your life who are more serious about their alcohol, the good news is that the worst of the year has led to some really amazing boozy collaborations, thoughtful reads and even virtual experiences that wouldn’t have been possible a year ago. It feels like if you’re gifting something booze-related in 2020, you’re bound to find something that has real purpose and care behind it.

So below, some great gifts for the discerning drinker in your life:


Gift Cards to a Favorite Bar

Simply put, in the time of Covid a good majority of bars and restaurants are going to close permanently without government help (which is doubtful); you can help, however, by finding your giftee’s favorite watering hole or cocktail joint and buying a gift card. One that just crossed our paths: Gin and Juice, which is Chicago’s excellent Three Dots and a Dash team going virtual to offering pick-up/delivery cocktail kits that you can, yes, gift. (Just look at any good local bar’s Instagram and you’ll probably find info on gift cards.)