Steak fans have it made in Arizona. Not only do locals get to choose between juicy filets and rib eyes, now they can pick from lamb T-bone, bison filet, and lobster mashed potatoes. With so many mouthwatering choices, it can be hard to find the right steakhouse. Fortunately, the following steakhouses offer a mix of meats, atmospheres, and sides that everyone can enjoy. Here are the 10 best steakhouses in Arizona.

10. Don & Charlie’s, Phoenix, AZ

Don & Charlie’s has been serving up comfort food to Phoenix since 1981. This Chicago based restaurant has a mix of steaks, barbecue, and fish on their menu. Don & Charlie’s is a favorite among sports fans as the walls are lined with countless items of sports memorabilia. They also have unique menu items like the skirt steak Chicago style and the chopped steak a la Bud Selig. If you save room, make sure not to miss the crispy double baked potato.