Take stock of your pantry for the chance to win a $25 restaurant gift card! Here’s how:

  • Tune in to the Roe Conn Show weekdays, 3pm – 7pm. After 3:30pm, listen for a prompt to call-in to the Contest Line at 312-981-7200.
  • The Roe Conn Show will take the 19th caller. That caller will be asked to name three ingredients: a protein, a starch, and a “wild card” item (i.e. vegetable, etc.).
  • A chef will hear that caller’s items and rejoin the Roe Conn Show at or around 4:48pm to share a recipe with listeners using the 19th caller’s selections.
  • The 19th caller, subject to eligibility, will receive a $25 gift card.

*Published timing may alter due to breaking news.

Chefs So Far Have Come Up With…

Chef Tim Hockett – Tallboy Taco: top sirloin, navy beans, & brown rice
RECIPE: Socially Distant Dirty Rice