Regulars at Sushi-San restaurant (63 W. Grand Ave.) know that the best seats in the house are the four counter spots facing sushi master Kaze Chan. Those are the only seats at which one can order Chan’s omakase menu (dubbed “omaKAZE” on the menu), available for two seatings nightly, Thursdays through Saturdays, and priced at $108.

Beginning Tuesday, Chan’s omakase will be a lot more accessible.

Sushi-San is replacing its omaKAZE menu with a 45-minute, $45 omakase menu that will be available from 4-11 p.m. daily. Seatings will be on the hour, and will be available at all 10 of the bar’s seats.

Existing reservations for the omaKAZE, some of which run into October, will be honored.

The new omakase will consist of 10 courses; menu add-ons will be available. A three-sake pairing will be an optional $15.

The speedy sashimi option is geared to those who love sushi but don’t want to commit to a meal taking two hours or more.

“Forty-five minutes is incredible, right?” said Sushi-San chef and partner Doug Psaltis. “We love the idea of an experience that’s less time-consuming, less commital, at a price point we love.”

The expanded hours, seats and service days mean that Chan won’t personally handle every omakase, but Psaltis said that Chan “has developed an amazing team” of sushi specialists to assist.

In addition, Sushi-San is building out a dedicated omakase dining room upstairs. In the upstairs, as yet unnamed space, Chan will feature a 16-course dinner, showcasing luxury ingredients.

“We’re working on something deserving of Kaze,” said Psaltis, who added that “there’s no time line” for the new room, but that late 2019 or early 2020 would be a reasonable guess. “There will be a 12-seat bar, and separate tables as well.”

The price for the 16-course omakase has not been announced.