We asked 9 wine pros if they have dogs, cats—or kids—they named after grapes, regions, wine labels (or snacks) that are close to their hearts

With year-end lists of the most popular pet and baby names coming out, we hoped to see the Millennials taking their love of wine into consideration when christening, now that they’re becoming parents (or at least dogparents). And while the top names for newborn boys and girls in 2018, according to BabyCenter.com, were “Jackson” and “Sophia,” respectively, we suspect the inspirations for those were not the beloved barrel-fermented Chardonnay and California canned fizzy wine. “Syrah” rose to No. 7,877 in popularity for girls, though “Chardonnay” dropped to No. 12,550.

And among pets, wine-inspiration ran equally dry: It’s all Charlies, Bellas and Lucies among DogWatch.com’s most popular names (although a vinous case could be made for “Cooper“).

But among those who live, work and breathe wine and food, a somewhat different picture emerges. So we asked nine wine pros from Wine Spectator Restaurant Award winners 

Wine Spectator: Do you have any pets (or kids!) with wine- or food-inspired names?

Richard Hanauer, beverage director for Chicago-based RPM Restaurants, including two locations of Best of Award of Excellence winner RPM Italian and RPM Steak.

My dog’s name is Porcini (after the mushroom).