Call them bites, snacks, or straight-up snackles à la Al’s Place in San Francisco, it pays to offer a section of interesting bar bites to entice guests before they sit down for dinner or a few happy hour rounds. And if you get creative than just spiced peanuts or basic pretzels,  your bar crowd will flock for more than just the drink specials. Take a nod from places like Bar Ramone in Chicago and Banshee in Atlanta who are bringing potatoes to places that go beyond a bowl of seasoned chips, or Katana Kitten in NYC where the sharable late-night Japanese katsu sando comes with panko-crusted mortadella, tonkatsu sauce and more.

Patatas Bravas XL Fries, Bar Ramone, Chicago​

At Bar Ramone in Chicago, Alexander Trim turns traditional Spanish patatas bravas into a bar-friendly bite. He mixes potato purée with egg until it sets, then cuts and fries the long pieces until golden and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. He serves them with a kick-y garlic aioli mixed with smoked a sweet paprika, onion, harissa, and cayenne.  “It’s our play on patatas bravas, but also a twist on the popular Japanese ‘long fries,’” says Trim.