Worrying if a restaurant delivers is so 2014. Digital food delivery services feed our lazy appetites, and none of us have problems with that. I’ve chosen 10 uniquely Chicago eateries that deliver. Hurry up and clear your couch, coffee table or comforter… It’s dinner time. I did the research for ya: if any of my ten do not deliver to your door, one of the popular delivery apps will.

Hub 51

Ok, we’re changing up the pace now. Hub 51 offers higher class food than a classic Chicago ‘za. Hub 51 is the first restaurant I took my girlfriend to meet my parents. Its where my bosses take the entire office for special occasions. Hub 51 is a nice place. With a mixture of Chinese, Japanese and Mexican cuisine, including American classics, Hub 51’s menu is very relatable. It is also vegan and vegetarian-friendly. It’s also amazing to visit in real life.

Bub City

On Hubbard and Clark St., Bub City is known for its country scene in the heart of Chicago. As much fun as it is to sit down with a Bub City House Ale and listen to live country music on a Friday Night, we all get that I’m not leaving feeling. Bub City’s Nashville Fried Chicken tastes like a time tested recipe. There is no wasted breading to this fried delicacy. Poke your fork into it and listen for the fried jacket to crisp apart. Topped with a bite-sized, but not snack-able Nashville flag, this meaty chicken dish will last a few seconds on your lap until you regret not buying two.