Sometimes a cup of average Joe just won’t do the trick. And who wants to drink stale, barely warm coffee that has been sitting in the pot at the service station for four hours anyway? Thankfully, these five restaurants with coffee shops on site feature java that is anything but average.

restaurants with coffee shops

Beatrix, Chicago, Illinois
Their Coffee Bar ain’t no regular coffee bar. Featuring beans from local roasters Intelligentsia and Metropolis, the menu goes beyond simple lattes and cappuccinos. Think honey and cinnamon lattes, Mexican iced coffee, matcha iced lattes, turmeric lattes, and butter-boosted Bulletproof coffee – not to mention pour overs galore and nitro cold brew. Pair one of those with a honey butter cinnamon roll and you’ll be able to tag the ensuing Instagram with #bestlife. Make a reservation at Beatrix.