It takes a clever hand to temper the singularly nutty, creamy, just-so-slightly bitter flavors of matcha. The buzzy Japanese green tea powder has become a regular addition to coffee shop menus everywhere, and pastry chefs have embraced it to balance sweet dishes. These five matcha desserts devote themselves wholeheartedly to showcasing the unique notes of the tea, from The Wilson’s light and sweet chilled matcha soup to a choux pastry puff at Ramen-San.

Matcha puff, Ramen-San, Chicago
​A crisp, sturdy choux pastry is the backbone of this fresh-baked puff at Ramen-San in Chicago. Described on the menu as “fluffier than your favorite pillow” and “stronger than the mighty samurai,” the puff is filled with creamy matcha custard and gets a finishing flourish of matcha and powdered sugar. “The grassy notes from the Maeda-En matcha play down the sweetness of the pastry cream and cookie crust,” says general manager/associate partner Amarit Dulyapaibul. “It’s perfect with a glass of milk or a shot of Japanese whisky.”