As chefs who have either closed their kitchens or transitioned them to a takeout-only model take to social media to connect with their fans, they’re frequently forced to improvise.

For food TV fans accustomed to seeing chefs working in luxurious studios with virtually unlimited supplies, there’s something kind of charming about watching them improvise in their homes or in an understocked restaurant.

But that’s just one reason to visit your favorite chef’s social media feed to watch him or her cook. Whether you’re looking for tips, recipes, the chance to follow along at home, or just something totally adorable, there’s probably a Las Vegas chef making home videos that will help keep you from going stir-crazy in your own kitchen.

While many local chefs are cooking online these days, here are five of our favorites:

The Great Chef Vicente, aka Chef Vincent Pouessel (@the_great_chef_Vicente at Instagram,

The lowdown: Mon Ami Gabi’s Vincent Pouessel walks you step-by-step through the creation of everything from a loaf of bread to a lasagna to a chocolate tarte in this series of videos. Shot by his daughters in his home kitchen, he dispels all notions of fine French chefs being stuffy and staid.

Why you should watch: In addition to learning how to cook something delicious, you sometimes get to see Pouessel’s dance moves.

Don’t miss: The sushi episode is fantastic. Seeing a chef who once ran the kitchen of Aureole in Mandalay Bay roll canned tuna and day-old rice, using aluminum foil in place of a bamboo mat, is must-see IGTV.