And we know 7 places where you can try one out firsthand

If the thought of premium whisky and highly carbonated soda water cascading into a frosty glass at the mere pull of a lever gets your Happy Hour juices a-flowing, you’re not alone. The Toki Highball Machine, a bartop apparatus patented by Japanese distilling giant Suntory, delivers expertly balanced whisky highballs on tap, and it’s been steadily stockpiling Chicago devotees since popping up at Boka Group’s lauded Momotaro in early 2017. And more likely than not, it’s set its sights on a watering hole near you.

Ramen-San (River North Location)
Tonkotsu ramen, loaded with buttery chashu pork belly and topped with a molten egg, might be this hip hop-infused late night noodle house’s main draw, but it’s the Toki Highball Machine’s magical elixir that’ll really cure what ails you.