Sushi love is a sometime thing, especially when we’re downtown and hungry for lunch. Sometimes our favorite place is the most convenient one; other times it’s the most reliable or the most adventurous.

Business Casual

Sushi Lunch at Sushi-san

Prefer your raw fish with a side of hip-hop? At Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises’ Sushi-San (63 W. Grand Ave., 312-828-0575), the ambiance and decor are young and fun, but the sushi is serious. Express Lunch ($16-$22) arrives lickety-split, its nigiri, sashimi, maki, miso soup and salad on-target and nicely presented. The all-day menu covers appealing territory, too, with lots of spicy sharables perfect with beer. Start, perhaps, with skewers of excellent charcoal-grilled shishito peppers ($8) and/or super-crunchy Crazy Shrimp tempura drizzled with wasabi tobiko aioli ($11). High rollers may check out the other end of the splurge spectrum: coal-roasted lobster with lime soy glaze ($24), king crab with sizzling rice ($25) and Japanese whisky ($6 to $125 per ounce).