What does the signage in and around your place of business say about your company? More and more, companies are using printed signs to show off their brand’s unique personality. This is a simple, inexpensive way to make the customer experience memorable and differentiated from the competition.

In some industries, like fast food, signs can set customers’ expectations about what it will be like to dine in a certain restaurant. Will it be fun and friendly, with a focus on great food and great service, or will there be lots of rules and limitations on what you can and can’t do?

In all industries, signs can provide the customer with a little chuckle, or a sense of warmth, that is often hard to achieve in the hustle and bustle of daily life. This is key because customers share both positive and negative experiences on social media, so the more light and friendly moments companies can create, the higher the likelihood of social shares being positive toward the brand.

Here are 6 simple examples of fun signs that, with just an extra word or two, successfully transform a typical or boring experience into a memorable one:

Sushi-san Chicago

At Lettuce Entertain You’s Sushi-san restaurant in downtown Chicago, the owners decided to have a little fun with the usually mundane (but required) sign alerting diners to the bathroom. In this case, a simple, lit-up “poop emoji” sign says it all without using a single word.