While some of us have already succumbed to that sweater-weather bod, others of us are trying, as best we can, to keep those inevitable and fast-approaching holiday LB’s from creeping up on us. Given Chicago’s love affair with hot dogs, pizza, Italian beef sandwiches, and brunch, it’s not always easy to stay svelte when dining out in the city. From a fast-expanding poke concept to a Peruvian favorite, here are seven places where eating healthy is easy, accessible, and genuinely delicious.

The Mediterranean Diet exists for a reason, people: it’s an effective weight-loss plan (allegedly), and it tastes delicious. No, chef CJ Jacobson’s (former chef-in-residence at Intro) California-influenced Mediterranean concept isn’t a poster child for the popular diet, but it does spotlight cheffy-yet-healthful preparation of diet-approved dishes that deliver big on flavor. Explore spreads like spicy hummus blended with marinated fresno and sweet-roasted chilies, avocado and sweet pea, and toasted almond and garlic, a variety of greens and ancient grains-based dishes, tuna crudo that’s as pretty as it is delicious, and grilled chicken kebabs. End your meal with frozen Greek yogurt drizzled with California olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt.