Entertain or dine out in style this holiday season

There are so many reasons to celebrate this holiday season, not the least of which is the eight magical nights that make up Hanukkah. This holiday is full of light, family, giving thanks, and (of course) lots of good food. Whether you’re entertaining at home, welcoming guests into town for the final few nights, or are taking the family out to eat, we have the best spots in town. Happy Hanukkah, Chicago!

Leek Smoked Salmon Latke

Lettuce Entertain You {various restaurants and locations}

Lettuce Entertain You restaurants across Chicago have special Hanukkah treats and tasty menu items. Pick up baked goods like festive sugar cookies from chef-partner Yasmin Gutierrez at Beatrix. They’re perfect to have in the kitchen all Hanukkah long.

Or, take your family and friends out for Brown Butter Caramelized Apples Latkes, a family recipe from chef Ben Goodnick of Summer House Santa Monica and Stella Barra Pizzeria. Summer House also has Sweet Potato Latkes with brown butter caramelized apples, Latkes with Nutella, Leek Latkes with Smoked Salmon, and a Latke Benedict Florentine.