One’s called the “Carnivore.” So, there’s that.

You love a good chophouse as much as the next Chicagoan.

But let’s put your interests aside for a moment and consider what’s most important — or should we say who: your client.

Because if anything will button up a deal, it’s a vaunted wine-’em-and-dine-’em steakhouse experience. And Chicago’s got plenty.

Herein: five over-the-top steak meals for your client-wooing pleasure, from chef-guided dry-aging tours to the most impressive Beef Wellington they’ll ever lay eyes, hands or maws on.

Photo: Jeff Marini
Wagyu Beef at RPM Steak
While RPM Steak offers plenty of highlights if you’re looking to blow it out (see: the Allen Brothers’ 90-Day Dry-Aged Ribeye), Chef Doug Psaltis has managed to outdo himself by adding a choice selection of Wagyu beef. And there’s nothing that opens more doors than fatty, melt-in-your-mouth Japanese Wagyu. Do ‘em a favor and order up some Hokkaido Snow Beef — a beef so rare that RPM is one of only five restaurants in the world certified to sell it. Other cuts include the Ohmi Wagyu: the oldest brand of Wagyu dating as far back as the late 15th century and once reserved for the emperor of Japan. You don’t have to end the meal with RPM’s signature 14K Chocolate Cake, but how can you not?