Here are the hottest restaurants slated to open (or which have recently opened) in order of projected opening date.

Booth One
1301 N. State Parkway; no phone yet

Lettuce Entertain You founder Rich Melman, who owned the Pump Room between 1976 and 1998, described this evolving concept as a “forward-thinking Pump Room,” that is contemporary yet simple with a color palette of gray, beige and cream. They’re enlarging the bar area, adding a stage in the dining room and making seating more comfortable to accommodate 250. Chefs Rick Tramonto, who partnered with Melman to open the just-closed Tru, and Doug Psaltis will oversee the menu. “A very important part for me was that the Pump Room was fun,” Melman said. “We always laughed and there was an excitement. We’re hoping to bring that back.” Opening: mid-to-late November

59 W. Grand Ave., no phone yet

Lettuce Entertain You’s casual, fun, “hip-hop meets hand rolls” rugged-and-raw-vibed sushi spot will feature hand rolls, nigiri, binchotan grilled meats and vegetables—as well as an omakase menu—from executive sushi chef Kaze Chan. Beer, Japanese whisky and shaved-ice cocktails also are in the plans. Opening: early November