The biggest struggle for me while moving cities has been to figure out the ‘food scene’. In a city like Chicago, this sounds like an absurd ask, but when you are ‘vegetarian’, it starts to make a little more sense. Having lived in India, I could walk into any restaurant and have more vegetarian options to choose from than I needed, without having to read through the ingredients to gauge whether its vegetarian. I have openly embarrassed myself by asking my non-vegetarian friends whether anchovy was a vegetarian thing I could eat! Over the past six months in Chicago, I have moved on from eating just crispy lettuce with black bean sauce (essentially, boiled lettuce – not crispy) at Chinatown to finally figuring out the ‘food scene’ to my liking and it’s been a culinary delight. Some highlights:

1.     One of my favorite dinners has been at RPM Italian. The place has absolutely amazing food, and to top it off, the dim lighting and extremely busy restaurant make for a lovely setting for dinner with a small group of friends.

Recommend: Eggplant Parmesan, M Cocktail, Chocolate Torta (best dessert ever!)

4.     Another favorite is Beatrix. They have a menu called Healthy Cocktails, but unlike everything else healthy, they are yum! Try everything (at your own risk!). I don’t usually eat salads at restaurants (because who eats salads other than in box lunches at school), but the salad selection presents some delish options.

Recommend: Turmeric Rush, Espresso Old Fashioned, Straight A Salad (the name does do justice)