My colleague Joseph Hernandez wrote recently about kalsarikannit, a Finnish word for chilling out at home, by yourself, preferably with lots of wine and no pants. I’ve got some next-level kalsarikannit for you: lots of wine, no pants and fried chicken.

Seaside’s recently joined the lineup of delivery options in my neck of Lincoln Park — in fact, the new restaurant, an offshoot of Oyster Bah, only delivers, from a small menu inspired by partner Bill Nevruz’s summers at the Jersey Shore. Growing up in Wisconsin, I spent zero summers on any shores, so this chicken ($15 for a half bird, $28 for a full) is not nostalgic for me, but here’s what it is: really good fried chicken. The meat, Amish chicken from Miller Poultry in Indiana, is impressively juicy, and the double-batter fry makes for an extra-crispy outside, even after the delivery journey (in my case, about a mile).

It’s worth the $4 to kick in an order of sous-chef Donny Farrell’s hot sauce, a rotating cast of characters that may include smoked Fresno, jalapeno, habanero and/or Hatch chile. Find Farrell walking around Oyster Bah sometime, and if you ask, he’ll talk your ear off about the ins and outs of making hot sauce: not mixing peppers, sugar versus honey, mustard versus vinegar. The guy has a passion.

Not in the Seaside’s delivery range? You can walk into Oyster Bah (1962 N. Halsted St.) for carry-out; unfortunately, pants are required.