Saying the word chandelier in the same sentence as dinner service can have the mouthfeel of dust—old-fashioned and old French, it evokes white tablecloths and too many forks. But while brilliant menus will make your eyes widen, lighting designers might just make your jaw drop. Look up from your plate, and you might find that the restaurant’s all-out, cutting-edge feature is hanging above your head. Whether it’s a contemporary chandelier or a full-scale installation, these fixtures are so brilliant they’re bound to steal the spotlight—here’s just a taste.

Booth One, Chicago

ball-like chandelier over dining tables

Revitalizing Chicago’s iconic Pump Room, where one particular booth has long been reserved only for legends—from the likes Frank Sinatra to Oprah—Booth One reopened late last year, and it’s all the more luminous for everyday luminaries. While much has been restyled, a cosmic system of globes (spun from the mind of Ian Schrager during an earlier redesign) is still in its fixed orbit, casting ethereal light over all patrons (and not just the stars).