You’re going to need a fork to tackle these hot chocolates. Pastry chefs are taking inspiration from mugs of cocoa to craft cakes, puddings, and deep-fried chocolate truffles. Here are six hot chocolate desserts to savor – guaranteed to warm your belly and make your inner child’s heart glow.

hot chocolate desserts

Grandma Bea’s Chocolate Pudding Pie at Hub 51, Chicago, Illinois
Though this pie is a hat tip to the summertime s’more, it also manages to recall a cold weather cocoa. That’s because the dense chocolate pudding filling is topped off with a layer of lightly torched marshmallows. Unlike the jet-puffed plugs floating on the top of a cup of steaming Swiss Miss, they won’t melt if you don’t eat them quick enough so you can take your time with this superior slice. Make a reservation at Hub 51.