The best places in Chicago to cozy up to the bar and grab a drink.

Chicago is a city that is home to every type of bar you can think of. There are plenty of historical places to get a drink, like Twin Anchors and Marge’s in Old Town, or Coq d’Or in Streeterville. And being a city of multiple championship-winning teams, there is certainly no shortage of sports bars where you can watch the Bulls, Cubs, etc., drink a few pints of beer, and maybe eat some wings while you’re at it. But Chicago is also a city of great cocktail bars, from tiki-themed and retro-leaning spots to small and minimalist bars serving complicated cocktails, to whiskey-centric meccas with vintage spirits cabinets that bottle collectors have only dreamt about.

Chicago is a large city with many different neighborhoods, each with its own defining characteristics. But it seems that no matter where you travel nowadays, a good drink is not far off. Well, almost everywhere—there are actually dry precincts in Chicago, areas where voters have chosen to ban the sale of alcohol. There are various reasons why people might choose to go this route, and some of them make sense. But for those looking for a stiff drink, a light aperitif, an exotic tiki concoction, or a well-made simple classic like an Old Fashioned, Chicago’s got you covered. Here are ten of the best cocktail bars in Chicago to drink at right now.

Three Dots and a Dash

Another Chicago tiki option is Three Dots and a Dash. This celebrated bar uses fresh fruits, cold-pressed juice made in-house, and an impressive range of spirits in a wide-ranging cocktail list served in a very convincing tiki setting. The menu details where each drink’s inspiration came from—for example, there is both a Trader Vic Style Mai Tai (from Oakland, CA) and a Hawaii Style Mai Tai (Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Waikiki), each using different spirits and fruit choices. Even drinks like an Old Fashioned are given a tiki twist, combining barrel select bourbon with rum and honey. The group cocktails get a bit theatrical; the Treasure Chest mixes rare rum in a chest overflowing with dry ice smoke, for example. There’s also a smaller bar within the bar called The Bamboo Room, where you’ll find a menu focused on daiquiris and other classic tiki drinks.