Morning coffee is a key part of many people’s daily routine. Getting that caffeine fix is key, sure, but it’s also just the act of starting your day with a warm drink that appeals to so many people. And aside from big, national chains, there are more and more local spots opening up across the city for a unique cup of coffee or a tasty morning treat. As coffee shops re-open and more people venture out of the house for their morning cup, you can easily support these local spots who really need our patronage right now. A cup a day from these places will certainly keep a smile on your face all morning long.

Beatrix {multiple locations}: It’s no secret that we’re a fan of Beatrix and their wide range of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whether you’re heading to one of their Beatrix Market locations for a quick breakfast stop, or picking up a delicious brunch from one of their restaurants, Beatrix has your coffee needs on lock. Cheers to that!